All for Dorset is a local group of Independent Councillors in Dorset. We each stand to represent our local community. None of us believe that party politics has a place in local government. We are all local honest people, who want the best for our community.

We work together and have shared values and ways of working (not a shared manifesto). We agree on our values - what is important to us, and how we will function as a group. Each of use will listen to our local community and research the facts before coming to any decision.

Would you, or anyone you know, would be interested in getting involved in improving local democracy? You might be thinking of standing as an independent councilor at the next election? Maybe you’re more of a campaigner for better democracy, or would you want to support the cause by displaying posters or leafleting, please get in contact!

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All for Dorset is part of the Alliance for Local Living (ALL) registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party in England #6142